What We Do at North Shore Periodontics

Periodontal disease is a serious condition that affects millions of individuals around the world. 

Periodontal disease if left untreated can lead to severe damage to the gums as well as tooth loss. This is why our team strives to educate our patients about the disease, its effects on the teeth and gums and the importance of prevention and early treatment.

With extensive experience in the field of periodontology, we strive to provide comprehensive periodontal treatments for our patients to ensure optimal oral health. We have also equipped our practice with the latest technology available in NZ so that we may offer the best treatments for our patients.

We aim to ensure all our patients have access to the best periodontal care. Gum health is important to the overall health of our patients, and our periodontists tailor treatment plans to fit the needs and schedule of each individual patient.

Gum disease can be a serious condition to face, but with the help of our periodontist  treatment can be an approachable, beneficial process for everyone involved.


We are available for consultation, treatment planing and treatment of any of the following:

Periodontal or gum diseases

Diseases of the soft tissues of the mouth

Implant replacement of teeth; single tooth, multiple teeth and full arch replacements.

Bone and soft tissue augmentation; including bone grafting, sinus lift procedures and soft tissue grafting

Stabilization of dentures with implants

Conscious sedation

Treatment of tooth sensitivity

We invite you to contact either Dr Doug Waters or Dr Dawn Tan to discuss any of your dental needs informally or formally.


We pride ourselves in providing a high standard of personalised dental care and strive to set this level ever higher.  We constantly look to upskilling our personal education and treatment regimes, bringing to you best practice at all times.  We aim to provide detailed examinations, checking your entire mouth, teeth, gums, tongue and other soft tissues; taking radiographs or x-rays when necessary and  if required biopsy material.  We will call on the services of other specialist diagnostic services if we are unable to provide a complete diagnosis.  We attend dental lectures, meetings and conferences not just in New Zealand but around the world and use state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best care available.

Our concern is whole body or systemic health not just the health of your mouth.  It is important therefore that you provide us with a complete medical history and if there have been changes to this during your treatment or maintenance to provide us with updated information.  Many medicines and illnesses can impact your oral health

For your long term care it is vital to understand that prevention and education are foremost for not only achieving high outcomes but also maintaining a stable long term result.  If you are uncertain about the level of your home care please do not hesitate to ask. Ideally if you are coming to see us bring your toothbrush and any other aids so that we can observe how you clean your teeth and are better able to critique and refine you techniques.

If you find you have a dental emergency we do our utmost to provide same day care.

It is our goal to provide a positive experience; one that is as comfortable and pleasant as possible and we value your feedback on this.  Dental visits are a source of anxiety for many patients; we aim to help you through these in as relaxed a manner as possible, one that will be rewarding, positive and personalised for you.

Contact our practice for more information.